Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My latest writing project is a historical novel based on my family genealogy as the first couple to immigrate to North America came in 1646 as settlers in New France then a colony of France. From these two have come most of the Goulets in North America including Canada, United States, and Mexico. My novel is the story of Jacques and Marguerite as the struggle to survive and prosper in an environment that is physically demanding as well a mentally challenging. To start, I use what I call is the 10 day plan. On the first day I concentrate on the theme and purpose of the story. The second day I list all the character that might appear in the story;major & minor. The third day I list all the locations and settings. The fourth day, I list all the characters goals; the fifth day is a list of all their obstacles. The sixth day I work on the conclusion of the novel. On the seventh day I make and outline of the complete story. The eighth day I decide on the chapter headings. On the ninth day I prepare all the file that I will need for characters, locations, notes, ideas, etc. On the tenth day, I spend the entire time composing that first most important paragraph. Now I ready to write the novel setting a quota of so many words a day. This, of course, will be different for each writer who uses this system. That's the way I work.