Tuesday, October 09, 2012

An Invite

Hi Everyone, I'd like to invite you to take a look at the site of a company that I work for as the Editor. The site is www.chroniclerpublishing.com. Check out the bookstore; I'm sure you'll find something of interest. Our latest release, The Betrayal Path, is the story of an English spy in New France just before its capitulation to the English in 1759. It is based on actual characters of the time. There are many other great historical reads as well.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Fall Activity

Fall usually means a new beginning in writing, editing, and publishing. I'm working on a new historical novel, I'm editing several new books for Chronicler Publishing, and publishing one or more of my own novels. So you can see that keeps me rather busy. Presently, we are working on the revision of a novel by Brian Van Norman--The Betrayal Path. Although it was released earlier, there were a number of faults, mistakes, and discrepancies in the original printing. We are also looking at some new authors and their work. Fall is always a delightful time for the publishing industry.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coaxing the Words

Sometime one must coax the words out.
Each day is a struggle to sit before the computer and produce—produce words that are appropriate, produce sentences that are logical, produce paragraphs that are focused, and produce a page that is relevant to the project—whether it is a poem, a short story, an article, an essay, or part of a novel.
Once the determination is made to sit and produce, then the output seems easier even if one has to wrest the words from a blank mind. Once started, the flow becomes inevitable, although the ideas may not be what was intended or planned. At times, it implies that one is not in command, and at other times one is not.
Sometime one must dredge the words from the soul to produce something, anything, but one must strive to be in control and focused on the piece that one has under consideration even if it is nothing more than an entry in a journal, a diary, or a forum of any kind.
If the writer concentrates on communicating with the intended reader, the ideas will come, and if the ideas come, the words to express them will also come. That is the nature of writing—to share ideas with others.
So whether you have to coax, prod, or drag the words, the sentences, the paragraphs out, the important objective is to create a composition that will be an adequate expression of the writer’s thoughts.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freelance vs Staffer

There is no doubt that a staff writer enjoys advantages not availed by the freelancer. However, there are benefits available to the freelancer that a staff writer can never expect.
A staffer must produce and on a daily basis because of frequent, even daily, deadlines. As a result the staffer learns several things: how to organize time, how to write under pressure, how to write quickly, how to plan the writing (if not on paper, then mentally), and how to meet deadlines. Perhaps this results in the loss of creativity and inspiration, but it usually produces better mechanics of writing—better sentence structure, syntax, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling.
The freelancer, on the other hand, enjoys the freedom of choosing the time to write, the topic or theme to write about, and the refinement of language and expression. The negative side of that is that the writer must be an editor and proofreader and must possess the discipline to sit at the desk and write which, of course, sounds so simple, but which is, in effect, the most difficult responsibility of the freelancer.
Thus, it becomes the writer’s obligation to choose the kind of writer to be. No doubt, freelance writing appeals to most, but it is not always the wisest choice. One’s character, personality, and dedication come into play. If one is individualistic, able to work alone, and inspired, then the freelance route is probably the path to follow. If one is uncertain, needs association, and direction, then a staff position is probably a better choice.
Choosing correctly will result in the greatest satisfaction and happiness.