Monday, August 18, 2008

Preparing for a new season

With the final days of summer fast approaching, it's time to prepare for the new season of publishing. We at Chronicler Publishing are excited about it with manuscripts from previous authors as well as some from new authors.
As well, we are excited about the fact that we plan to expand our program to include some poetry books. This is a new venture for us so we are wondering how it will go over with the readers.
Summer had been a great time to rest and relax and get the creative juices flowing again.
As well, we have published an interesting novel by Rudi Unterthiner that is the story of Dr. Paul Reiter, a cosmetic surgeon of Hollywood whose clients included stars and celebreties. But his true love was as a healer for the poor and needy of California and the Baja of Mexico where he ministered to the Indians and fishermen.
The story is actually a fictionalized autobiography of Dr. Rudi Unterthiner and his rise for poverty to that of a renowned 'plastic' surgeon.
Dr. Rudi is now retired and makes his home for much of the year on Quadra Island, a beautiful island off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows, Rudi Unterthiner's fascinating fictional autobiography is now available from the publisher Chronicler Publishing, and many online book sellers including,, borders, and others.
It is the intriguing story of a cosmetic surgeon who worked on many of the famous faces of Holywood although it is more the story of Dr. Paul Reiter's struggle with his desire to do more than produce pretty faces.
It is a man's search to find his niche in this world and to make peace with himself.
A truly remarkable read!