Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Christmas Market

We at Chronicler Publishing are looking forward the Christmas season as we hope that many of our books will end up as gifts for readers.
If your are a history buff, you will find many of our books of great interest as well as entertaining. We do publish historical novels that treat the history of the period written about with accuracy and detail, particularly Canadian history.
We are always looking for interesting and well written historical novels, particularly Canadian historical novels, especially written by Canadian writer, although we accept others.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surprise and Frustration

As editor of Chronicler Publishing it always surprises and frustrates me that authors make queries and submission without first reading and studying our mandate and guidelines. Invariably we receive queries and submissions that are inappropriate to our publishing program.
If authors would only go to our website where we specifately outline the kind of stories we are looking for, it would save them and us a great deal of time.
We try to be fair and honest with writers because we have been their.
I am an author who has several novels published and available through online booksellers. Our mandate as a book publisher is Print On Demand, but we do not publish on demand. As a matter of fact, we are very circumspect in what we choose to publish, so we urge authors to be the same in their submissions to Chronicler Publishing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Fall has certainly arrived in this neck of the woods that are aflame with brilliant colors of yellow, red, mauve and many colors in between.
With Fall comes a new season in publishing and we are busy reading submission as we prepare to choose those stories for our new season.
We are still looking for more historical novels, particularly those that feature Canadian history. We are interested in young adult and juvenile novels. To date, few worthwhile ones have crossed our desk.
We are looking at several adult novels that feature events in Canadian history, but we have not made our choices yet.
If you are interested, please check out our website:
If you are not a writer, perhaps you are a reader; we do features some interesting historical novel in our bookstore.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Preparing for a new season

With the final days of summer fast approaching, it's time to prepare for the new season of publishing. We at Chronicler Publishing are excited about it with manuscripts from previous authors as well as some from new authors.
As well, we are excited about the fact that we plan to expand our program to include some poetry books. This is a new venture for us so we are wondering how it will go over with the readers.
Summer had been a great time to rest and relax and get the creative juices flowing again.
As well, we have published an interesting novel by Rudi Unterthiner that is the story of Dr. Paul Reiter, a cosmetic surgeon of Hollywood whose clients included stars and celebreties. But his true love was as a healer for the poor and needy of California and the Baja of Mexico where he ministered to the Indians and fishermen.
The story is actually a fictionalized autobiography of Dr. Rudi Unterthiner and his rise for poverty to that of a renowned 'plastic' surgeon.
Dr. Rudi is now retired and makes his home for much of the year on Quadra Island, a beautiful island off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows, Rudi Unterthiner's fascinating fictional autobiography is now available from the publisher Chronicler Publishing, and many online book sellers including,, borders, and others.
It is the intriguing story of a cosmetic surgeon who worked on many of the famous faces of Holywood although it is more the story of Dr. Paul Reiter's struggle with his desire to do more than produce pretty faces.
It is a man's search to find his niche in this world and to make peace with himself.
A truly remarkable read!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows

Dr. Rudi Unterthiner's semi autobiographical novel, Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows, has been published by Chronicler Publishing and is now available in book stores. Ask for it. It is truly a recommended summer read.
It is the story of Dr. Paul Reiter, a cosmetic surgeon, who practises in Hollywood but whose passion is general practice among the poor and needy, especially the Indians and fishermen of Mexico's Baja.
He struggle with this dichotmy until his wife teaches him the power of forgiveness and the connection between faces and souls.
This is a very enjoyable story.
Check it out at the publisher's website:

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer at the Lake

Chronicler Publishing is in vacation mode and so am I.
It has been a busy year for Chronicler Publishing with several new novel in publication, but now it's time for a little rest, so we are coasting. We are not accepting any new manuscripts until September. In the meantime we have several for consideration and one to complete publication, one that we expected to have published by now, but unforeseen delays have kept us from completing that.
Since we have less to do as editor, we will now concentrate on our own writing, blogs, etc., especially this one.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


With summer here, work at Chronicler Publishing is winding down and will not resume until September.  We are not accepting manuscripts in July and August.
I hope to be able to work on my writing during these two months, but that may be impossible due to a heavy schedule of holiday events.
I'm looking forward to the change of pace as (I suppose) many of you are doing the same thing.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows

Chronicler Publishing will soon release Dr. Rudi Unterthiner's novel "Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows" based on his experiences as a cosmetic surgeon in Hollywood and his general medical practice in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.
It is the story of Dr. Paul Reiter who is torn between his work as a cosmetic surgeon in Hollywood and his true calling as a healer to the Indians of Mexico's Baja until his wife teaches him about the power of forgiveness and the true connection between faces and souls.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Due to unforeseen delays Devlin's book was not published until May 1, but it is now available through Chronicler Publishing,,, Barnes and Nobles, and many other online booksellers and bookstores.
It is a fascinating read for any one interested in biographies of interesting women. Check it out!
Rudi Unterthiner's book has been further delayed and will be out by the end of May. It also is a fascinating read about "Faces, Souls, and Painted Crows."
My latest novel of the Marin Family Chronicles series, "The Avengers," continues the saga of the Marin family as it struggles to survive in the conflict between France and England in North America during the early 18th century.
If you are in anyway interested in the history of Canada, France, England, and New England you will find this book and the previous four: The Venturers, The Traders, The Raiders, and The Warriors an intriguing and informative read.
They are also available from the publisher's bookstore,,, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and many other online booksellers and bookstores.
If they are not on the shelves of your favorite bookstore, ask for them.
Chronicler Publishing is considering several other books for publication in the near future.
We will keep you posted!

Monday, March 24, 2008

An Update

During the past months, I've been busy as Editor of Chronicler Publishing and with my own writing.
First, as Editor we have acquired the rights to two new novels, one a biography, and the other a fictional memoir.
The first is the life story of Anne Marie Martel, a French woman, who started an order of nuns known as the Sisters of the Child Jesus. Sister Ethel Devlin, of the order has written an interesting and informative biography of a remarkable woman.
The second is the fictional memoir of Dr. Rudi Unterthiner, a cosmetic surgeon who worked most of his life among the stars of Hollywood while his real passion was reconstructive surgery among the poor of northern Mexico's Baja peninsula.
Both should be out by the end of March.
As well, my latest historical novel, The Avengers, continues the saga of the Marin family in the early 18th century in New France.
Check it out at or the Chronicler Publishing web site which is