Friday, November 02, 2007

The Originals

William Hay's novel, The Originals, is the graphic story of a Canadian soldier of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry during World War I. Chronicler Publishing is delighted to present this well-researched novel to the reading public, especially to devotees of historical novels.
The Originals, although a novel, is historical accurate and brutally true to the battles that took place between the Allies and Germany during this war to end all wars.
The story is told through the eyes, ears, and mind of Bill Dawson, a veteran of the Boer War who believes that this new war will only last a few weeks, but to his horror drags on for four years and is like no other war that ever happened.
Although this is Hay's first novel, he is an award-winning author of short stories.
It is available from the publisher, Chronicler Publishing, and soon at,, and many other booksellers.
For you history buff, it is the perfect Christmas gift.